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There really isn't a better time to start thinking about a real alternative to the daily grind contact us now to see how we can help you turn the possibility into a reality - today log cabins Our sheds and timber buildings are all hand built in our own workshops using softwoods sourced from trees - and here. is flexibility. If a standard shed or timber building does not quite fit the bill then contact us and we will happily discuss your requirements for a custom built timber building. Building sizes quoted are some of the most requested. Please contact us for other sizes or styles not shown we will be happy to give a no obligation quote. A well constructed base is an important part of the overall integrity of your timber building. foundation for your building . many timber buildings over the years The knowledge of which has helped retain an eye for detail and have pride in their work. Log cabins Timber garages can include windows to meet your requirements requested by many. personal door is also a popular option requested by many. As standard our timber garages use the popular roofing system and log. if your looking for that rustic barn type feel. Joinery made casement windows and doors fitted our timber garages along with several roofing options including felt shingle tiles felt Our timber are designed to be erected a concrete base Log cabins in The style and look of a garden studio or home office can be a very personal choice the options can be many and varied. The walls roof and floor can be insulated using. NB. more people are turning towards the idea of a home office. Log cabins

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These buildings are designed for DIY purposes so installation is straight forward and instructions or plans are always supplied. We do of course offer an installation service but also an installation help line where you can speak to one of our fitters for advice and guidance if installing your own Log cabin. We would always recommend that you contact our customer service to discuss your requirements because of the vastness and complexities of this range it is often possible to adapt the buildings adding rooms canopies additional windows or just change the configuration to suit your tastes. log cabins standard package comes with a single door a top hung window 1 up and over garage and shingle roof tiles which are available in a variety of colours. Log cabins This log cabin can be fitted from and comes in a variety of sizes. Log cabins in Log Cabins are a fantastic choice of garden building and are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. We have one of the largest selections of log cabins available to order online. All of the buildings featured are selected due to their high quality durability and design. The enormous range means there is something to suit almost any requirements and budget with some exceptional deals found within each category. These log cabins are available with wall thicknesses from 19mm (0.75") up to 115mm (4.5") in various styles and configurations. The thicker walled buildings from 45mm (1.8")- make great home offices with various upgrades available including double glazing roof and floor insulation Log cabins

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Whichever method you use it is important that the end result is above all firm and square. If you are constructing the base for a building over 12' x 8'- a garage a sectional building a corner unit a gazebo or a building with no floor a purposebuilt concrete base is recommended. log cabins Concrete Base - The best method - provided it's done well. Really only a job for a competent DIYer or a professional builder. Log cabins Rows Of Paving Slabs - Simple yet effective. Also the best solution if the building may need to be moved in future years. If laying a concrete base keep in mind the length of time it will take for the concrete to cure before the building can be erected on it. Log cabins in Treated Timber Bearers - By far the easiest solution! You simply clear the site in accordance with our guidelines and the fitters can build straight onto the earth. Log cabins

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It is advisable to use a spirit level during the construction of the cabin. Using the log cabins Before erecting this cabin it is important to make a firm base ideally using concrete or Log cabins concrete slabs. Log cabins in It is very important that the base corners must be at right angles it is completely level. Log cabins

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Please note in the image below the corner joints are machined and manufactured in such a way as to make an extremely well fitting corner and one which when the timber expands and contracts as all timber does will provide a much better weather seal than most simple corner joints. log cabins is a versatile garden shed with an extension on the right accessed by its own door ideal for storing garden furniture or a mower. The main building is accessed by double doors with glazed frosted glass allowing light in. The left of the building has a log store to keep belongings sheltered from the weather. Log cabins is a superb building offering a large square space which is beautifully enhanced by the skylight. The building includes one double door and one casement window double glazed as standard (Except to the glass in the skylight) and is therefore ideal as a garden office games room hobby room etc. and is available from Log Cabins Log cabins in The structure of most log cabins is fairly simple and follows a certain pattern in the design of the corner joints. However the Cabins are a design which is more draught and weather proof than many designs. This is of course vital if the building is to be used as an office a play room or simply additional living area. Log cabins

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Both ranges have a suspended pine clad ceiling with a cavity behind for insulation and solid pine floorboards with a blind floor beneath for floor insulation. log cabins Inspired by designs seen in the Alps these houses offer that something extra - a spacious layout thanks to a small loftroom for use as a third bedroom or storage area. Log cabins A beautiful full length terrace protected by an overhanging roof is accessed by triple glazed double doors from the lounge. The lounge is full height up to the roof. Stairs lead from the lounge to the split level loft area at the rear of the building suitable for use as a bedroom or study. Log cabins in range of cabins is available in two basic configurations. Both are constructed from 58mm thick logs and have double glazed doors and windows. Log cabins